Clare Crew is an early childhood and inclusive education teacher who specialises in the brain-body connection. She helps the children the system leaves behind, those with learning, attention and behavioural challenges. Her message is simple; children need more movement and play in the early years of life. And when we're able to deliver this, children begin thriving.

Clare is an experienced speaker who has previously presented at the National Future Schools Expo and the National Play and Playwork Conference. She has also been featured on 60 Minutes, Sunrise and the Today Show.


"Clare is a passionate and relatable presenter whose core message has stayed with me, several years later."
~ Melanie Cook, Educator

"Clare has ignited a spark that has changed my teaching and the way I observe and work with children. She has helped answer so many questions."
~ Vick McIntoshi, Educator

"Clare Crew is a powerful, passionate and knowledgeable presenter whose passion for early years education shines brightly through her presentations. Clare ensures all participants are not only challenged to think deeply about their pedagogy or to look more closely at their own children’s needs, but to remember to enjoy the most important thing in life, which is to have fun and PLAY! Clare Crew’s presentations are a must for all educators, parents and professionals alike."
~ Brett Gent, Preschool Director